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If You or Your Clients Use Mobile Pop Ups then Look Out in January. What You Need to Know:

Submitted by SEO Service Provider, Marketing Practicality. Google warns it will crack down on “intrusive interstitials” in January Google will reinforce its emphasis on the mobile search experience with a new penalty affecting “intrusive interstitials” on mobile web pages. Google has announced that it will begin cracking down on “intrusive interstitials” on January 10, 2017, […]


Google: The Panda Refresh Coming Really Soon

Originally posted here at Jun 3, 2015 • 8:41 am by Barry Schwartz Google’s Gary Illyes said last night at SMX Advanced that the Panda update/refresh we’ve been waiting for for 8 months+ now is just about to be released. Gary said webmasters can expect it soon, soon as in the next two, to […]


Video Backgrounds and SEO

Over the last few years, using video instead of a large static image is an increasingly popular design element. So what exactly is the impact of video backgrounds and SEO? Here are a few considerations when using video for your website’s background image. Design and User Experience When done well, background video can differentiate a […]


Penuin 3.0 Algorithm Update Confirmed

Original article posted at SERoundtable here. Confirmed: Google Penguin 3.0 Released Late Friday Night Oct 18, 2014 • 10:51 pm | (116) by Barry Schwartz I am working on getting confirmation from Google but I have never seen the forums light up as much as they are now. Update & Confirmed: Google Sunday afternoon has […]


8 Effective Lead Generation Tools and What to do Next!

Lead Generation has evolved. Has your Marketing Plan evolved with it? by Duncan Lauder and Tom Bates Recent economic, technological and social changes have changed the market place in a shift as transformative as the Industrial Revolution. That has created a large degree of uncertainty and fear – but it’s not 2010 anymore, it’s 2014. As […]


Internet Marketing for Business Leaders

What is Internet Marketing?  Is it right for my business? Your customers are using Google to make purchasing decisions. If you knew that more than 90% of your prospective customers are looking somewhere for products and services, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to make sure that they could find you? That is precisely what […]


Marketing Practicality LLC Recently Named a Google Partner

Google has been very active in 2013, making changes on both organic search and its paid search platform, Google AdWords. The changes that Google implemented are, for the most part, based on improving quality and enhancing the user experience.  One such recent development is the introduction of Google’s new “Partner” program. What does it mean […]


Google Introduces “Hummingbird” – Their Biggest Algorithm Rewrite Since 2001

Google announces their biggest algorithm rewrite since 2001 – called Hummingbird for being “precise and fast.” Pleased to see an overall increase in traffic for my clients. To read the full article, visit Search Engine Land’s article on Hummingbird.


Is Content Marketing Doomed?

If you’re in the SEO business, or use SEO to grow your business, then you’re probably thinking a lot about content lately. We’ve heard all the warnings. The Panda and Penguin updates were just the beginning. Google is changing its algorithm like never before. With semantic search on the horizon, the spiders will not only […]


Salesforce Mass Email Marketing

Salesforce Mass Email Options and Integration is an outstanding CRM platform and gives you the ability to send both mass emails as well as automated emails to individuals. If your organization uses Salesforce, you have the opportunity to create ongoing, automated drip marketing campaigns as well as distributing mass emails to your leads or […]