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Marketing Process

Successful Marketing Solutions

Marketing Practicality offers an extensive list marketing services that contribute to outstanding marketing strategy development and execution. Whether your business’ clients are end-users (typically direct-to-consumer), dealers, distributors or other businesses (B to B), or organizations, a systematic, measurable approach will pay dividends. The best marketing process leads to successful marketing. We condone a creative yet measurable approach to generating more revenue for your business. Remember, “What Gets Measured Gets Managed.”

Best Practices Marketing Process

Below is a rudimentary outline for developing a successful marketing process. Marketing Practicality can assist you with developing and/or implementing any and all of the following:

Marketing Strategy Development

You know what your goals are, let’s define them and put them in writing

  • Define, Promote and Exploit Your Competitive Advantage
  • Align Marketing Strategy with Your Brand Management and Distribution Channels
  • Identify How to Optimize Sales from Your Distribution Channels
  • Develop Marketing Tactics
  • Connect the Chain – Marketing Initiatives Should Support Sales Efforts and Provide Information Critical to Closing Sales as well as Contribute to Customer Service and Satisfaction Operations

Marketing Tactics

Creating the Marketing Plan

  • Evaluate Performance of Current Marketing Channels
  • Explore New Marketing Channels and Optimize Existing Channels
  • Develop Tactics to Execute the Marketing Plan
  • Establish Budgets and Resources
  • Create a Targeted and Measurable Marketing Plan within Budget

Execution of Marketing Plan

Depending on your industry and target market, we have extensive experience in execute your marketing plan through many channels:

Track and Measure Results

There’s always a cost associated with marketing – but if your budget is optimized correctly, advertising dollars will return the investment many times over. So how do you this? Establish KPI’s and ROI’s for your marketing initiatives. Accurately measure the ROI of your marketing investments.

  • What Gets Measured Gets Managed
  • Develop or Enhance Methods to Track Marketing Metrics and Marketing ROI
  • CRM Systems – They Are Powerful and Can Be Affordable
  • Link Specific Initiatives to Leads, Quotes, Sales, Profit, etc. as is Appropriate for Your Business Model.
  • Establish Metrics Suitable to Your Business Model (i.e. cost per lead, conversion rates, cost per conversion, average sale, average profit per sale, ROI by channel, campaign and lead, etc.)

Analyze Campaign Results

  • Use Information, Technology and Real World Results to Make Smart Decisions
  • Capture Data, Generate Reports, Monitor Trends

Refine and Optimize your Business’ Marketing Process

  • Identify What’s Working
  • Eliminate What’s Not Performing
  • Evaluate Trends in Marketing Initiative Performance
  • Optimize Campaign Tactics
  • Support Marketing Strategy with New and/or Revised Tactics

It Starts with a Great Marketing Strategy

The best marketing process starts with a winning marketing strategy. Proper execution of the marketing strategy is the final step in executing a successful marketing plan. Contact Marketing Practicality to jump start your business’ successful marketing strategy.