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Strategic Marketing Consulting

Strategic Marketing Consulting

A critical component of most strategic small business consulting plans is the execution of the revenue side: sales and marketing.

We offer strategic marketing consulting services because we believe in it and have seen the results it can deliver.  We work closely with sales process and marketing strategy partners to round out our strategic marketing consulting team – and we are ready to help you take your business to the next level.

Important Steps of a Strategic Marketing Consulting Plan

Assess Goals

Let’s start by identifying what you want to accomplish.

  • What are your business’ top revenue producers?
  • What is your business’ value proposition?
  • What is your company’s brand perception in the marketplace?
  • What do you want to change and improve about your company?

Develop Strategy

Once your business goals have been identified, let us help you develop a strategy to accomplish them.

Align Strategy with Goals

Your sales and marketing strategy should align with the overall goals of your business; we’ll help you keep your eye on the prize.

Create Infrastructure to Execute Strategy

Does your business have the resources to execute the strategy? We can help you assess your resources – human, technical, operational and financial – to ensure you have the resources to properly execute strategy and accomplish you goals.

Defining Marketing and Sales Processes

A critical step of the strategic marketing consulting process is defining and documenting your marketing and sales process.  We work with you to clearly define the process and fully document the flow from the initial marketing channels through the sales process to revenue generation.

Establishing Marketing and Sales Metrics

Marketing metrics and sales metrics provide direct, measurable and quantifiable insight to the state of your business.  We can help identify the right metrics for your organization and how to ensure your sales and marketing metrics are reliable.


Once your organization starts gathering sales and marketing data, we’ll sift through the data so you can see it in a useful, actionable format.

Company Dashboards

Visual dashboards, whether through Salesforce or another CRM platform can display your sales and marketing metrics in a format that is easy to interpret, we can do this for you.

KPI Dashboards

Does your organization have a use Key Performance Indicators, also called KPI? We will work with you to identify the best KPIs for your organization.  We also develop digital KPI dashboards – a powerful tool to provide immediate feedback and engage your employees in the business.

Performance Measurement and Management

If we have made it this far, we have the tools to quantify and assess performance – from an enterprise level to a granular level.

Develop a Culture of Perpetual Improvement

Defined processes, established metrics, communication and employee buy in can be a powerful tool. When executed correctly, it becomes pervasive and transforms your company culture to focus on constant process improvement and revenue generation.

Strategic Marketing Consulting – Getting Started

Contact Marketing Practicality today to begin your strategic marketing plan. We will develop a strategic marketing consulting plan that will transform your business and work with your budget.