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We develop and execute marketing strategies that work improving your ROI and profit. Is your small or medium sized business searching for a marketing strategy that produces results? Would it be refreshing to find help that goes against the grain of the traditional large agency?


for Small Business Marketing

We are not an army of finely honed sales people that, after winning the account, hand it off to a junior staff member. You work with seasoned, executive-level marketing talent, experienced in a variety of industries and marketing tactics. Having worked in the mega-corporate and small business world, we understand that cash flow is critical; cost containment is a priority and profit margins are under the microscope.

The process is straightforward and direct - identify your areas for development, create a winning strategy to address the challenge, execute, measure and track results, report progress, measure ROI, repeat, improve and generate more revenue.

There is no boiler plate plan for our clients.

Our small business marketing consulting process starts with identifying your goals and developing a plan to achieve them. Let's align the following two lists in a skilled and disciplined manner so you can move your business forward.

Your list probably looks something like this:

I Need More Leads

I Need More Qualified Leads

Revenue Needs To Increase

Profit Margin Needs To Increase

Marketing Costs Need To Go Down

Cash Flow Needs to Improve

How Do We Do This, We Don't Have Much of a Marketing Budget?

Our services list would look something like this:

Enterprise Wide Marketing Strategy Development

Marketing Campaign Execution

Getting the Most Out of Your Prospect Database

Integrating Your Marketing and Sales Efforts

Online Marketing Lead Generation

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

PPC - Pay Per Click Campaign Management & Optimization

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

E-mail Marketing Strategy, Solutions and Execution

Creating a Marketing Database

We're Only Scratching the Surface, There's Much More

Marketing Consulting Experience

Our clients range in size from under $1 million in revenue to the Fortune 500. We have clients in the following industries - demonstrating our marketing strategy applies horizontally across most industries:

IT Services



Luxury Goods


Industrial & Commercial Manufacturing

Niche Businesses

Home & Garden Supplies

Law Firms


Education Institutions

Indutries restrcited by some networks

Organizations We've Worked With

We provide serious internet marketing solutions with proven, actionable results to all sizes of business - from SMBs to the Fortune 250.


Strategy Based on

Marketing Practicality was formed by Duncan Lauder after nearly two decades of marketing experience. First as an employee in "big business" marketing (Fortune 100 companies), and later with executive marketing positions in small to mid-sized companies. We know how large and small marketing operations function.

Seeing an opportunity to translate big business marketing solutions to a small business scale, Marketing Practicality was formed. We create a business marketing strategy that works for your organization in a cost effective, ROI driven manner. Invite us to develop and execute a custom, successful, small business marketing strategy for your organization and you will not regret your decision.

Contact Us to develop and execute a marketing plan that focuses on your goals and your continued success. Let's develop a small business marketing strategy that works.

Best Regards,

Duncan Lauder
Marketing Practicality, LLC
Small Business Marketing Consulting

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