Pay Per Click Marketing

You can count on Marketing Practicality to manage your pay per click campaigns - we have been doing this for years and across multiple industries. We can recommend what will work based on experience, not on what we read or heard at a conference.


Full Service Google AdWords Consultancy or Search Engine Marketing Coach?

Depending on the level of involvement your business requires, we offer flexible levels of service for pay per click marketing campaign management. Do you have the resources to handle a lot of the work in-house? No problem, we can act as a search engine marketing coach to help your staff make the best decisions to maximize your marketing investment.

If you need a full service Google AdWords Consultancy (or Bing or Yahoo) - we can run your campaign from scratch - and provide the necessary reporting, marketing metrics and ROI results you need to manage your business.


Pay Per Click Campaign Management

For full service campaign management, we offer the following:

Campaign Strategy Development

Advanced Keyword Research

Keyword Selection

Account Setup

Ad Development, Creative Testing

Campaign Management & Organization

Bid Management & Optimization

Targeted Ad Groups

Geo-Targeting of Campaigns (if necessary)

Optimal Use of Keyword Match Types

Conversion Tracking

Landing Page Development & Testing

Google Analytics Integration

Dynamic Keyword Integration

Reporting & Analysis

Ongoing Campaign Management & Improvement

Dedicated, Experienced Account Management

Ongoing, Responsive Communication

Pay Per Click Marketing

Marketing Practicality is a Google AdWords Consultancy and offers a broad range of Pay per Click Marketing Services. Whether you are looking for full scale PPC campaign management or a part-time search engine marketing coach, we are happy to lend our years of experience in maximizing this highly profitable marketing channel for your business.

Are you ready to start growing your business through pay per click marketing? Contact Marketing Practicality today to learn more about pricing and our pay per click marketing services. Use us as it best suits your small or medium sized business - as a Search Engine Marketing Coach or a full service Google AdWords Consultancy. We look forward to growing your business.