Marketing Automation Solutions

More than ever before, small and midsized businesses have access to affordable marketing automation solutions.  CRM systems, marketing systems integration, tracking campaign performance, marketing workflow automation and other technology, previously only the domain of large companies - with equally large budgets are now available to the smallest of businesses.


Selecting the Best Marketing Automation System for Your Business

We'll help you assess your business needs and match your company with the best marketing automation solution for your business goals.  Whether you are looking for lead scoring, drip marketing, reporting and analysis or website - CRM system integration, the team at Marketing Practicality can help.

Many of our customers use Salesforce as the hub of their marketing automation system - due to the abundant Salesforce marketing tools.  However, we have extensive experience with Sales Logix and other popular CRM systems.

What to Look for in a Marketing Automation Solution

A marketing automation solution should meet your current business needs and scale easily.  Key components of a marketing automation system include:

CRM system

Website integration

Mass email marketing

Drip marketing functionality

Lead nurturing

Lead scoring

Sales automation

Other third party system integration

Implementing and Managing Marketing Automation

Marketing Practicality offers levels of marketing automation service. Contact us if you are interested in:

Marketing automation development

Marketing automation implantation

Marketing automation maintenance and management

Custom marketing automation solutions