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SEO Marketing Service

Affordable SEO Marketing Service for Small Business

How much thought have you given to developing a targeted, custom marketing plan in the last month? Is SEO a part of that plan?

Marketing Practicality provides full scale SEO marketing service, support and implementation. Nearly all of our clients request some level of SEO marketing service. And the reason is clear, the web is an increasingly competitive environment and if your business has or desires a significant web presence, your website – and your profits – will benefit from a well crafted SEO marketing strategy.

Custom SEO Marketing Strategy for your Business

Marketing Practicality specializes in providing custom SEO marketing strategies for small business. Because your business is unique and has specific goals and objectives, we feel it is best to focus on your challenges and opportunities. So we don’t offer blanket SEO plans for a fixed fee. Developing a custom SEO marketing strategy is far more involved than updating some on-page content and rewriting your pages’ titles with targeted keywords. There are plenty of service providers that offer this level of service.

We focus on partnering with our clients; developing a cost effective, practical, and successful SEO marketing strategy. That means improving your website’s rankings, increasing your online presence and generating incremental revenue.

Our Custom SEO Marketing Service

Your plan may vary depending on your business needs, but our SEO marketing services typically includes the following:

SEO Marketing Strategy Development

Your SEO marketing strategy supports your overall business strategy. Whether your business needs deeper market penetration, support for a new product launch, wider reach, etc. Your SEO marketing strategy must support the business goals.

SEO Website Analysis

Whether your website is established, new, under development, recently experienced a drop in rankings or you want to rank higher for certain terms – we are ready to perform as your SEO marketing consultant. Often, after the SEO marketing strategy is developed, we begin with a website analysis to identify your website’s current strengths and weaknesses. Specifically we will focus on your websites page titles, on page SEO, structure, and inbound links. We only use white hat (ethical, search engine friendly) search engine optimization tactics.

We even provide a FREE seo website analysis if you contact us. This is a custom hand-written analysis to demonstrate our quality.

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Selection and Targeting

Your keyword selection is a critical aspect of your SEO marketing strategy. We will recommend keywords based on your business goals as well as factors such as competition, relevance and search volume. Identifying the right keywords for your business’ specific needs leads to successful implementation.

Implementation of SEO Marketing

This encompasses many aspects of our SEO marketing service, which may include:

  • Inbound link generation (quality, relevant links)
  • On page content development and optimization
  • Website coding
  • Analytics
  • Article and press release submission
  • Selective directory submissions
  • Social media marketing
  • Blog creation and support
  • Client education
  • e-commerce
  • And more

Testing, Evaluation and Continued Growth for Optimal SEO Marketing Service

SEO, internet marketing and marketing in general, is not a one-and-done proposition. In order to effectively implement an SEO marketing strategy, it requires regular monitoring and maintenance. At Marketing Practicality, we Identify which aspects of the SEO marketing strategy are working, evaluate SEO marketing performance (based on empirical data), provide reporting and maintain consistent and open communication. These are some of the elements required to develop a successful SEO marketing process.

Creating and Implementing your SEO Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization does not need to be a black box to business owners and marketing executives. Marketing Practicality’s business approach is centered on open communication and client education. Our goal is to eventually make your small business self supportive. If you are interested in learning more about our SEO marketing service, contact Marketing Practicality to develop your custom SEO marketing strategy.