Google Adds Real Time Search – Integrates Twitter

Google Integrates Twitter – Real Time Search

The much discussed Google-Twitter integration appears to be underway.
CNet wrote about it here: Google Launches Real Time Search
At the time of writing this post – I can see the live stream if I search on “Tiger Woods”.
Seems like the beginning of a paradigm shift to me.  I have read how Google’s mission was to “organize the world’s information” and the addition of streaming news feeds and tweets strikes me as more aggregation than organization.
Whether this is another arrow in Google’s quiver to prove superiority over Bing or it’s the beginning of a fundamental change in search behavior remains to be seen.  But it certainly strikes me as a strategic change for the world’s largest search engine.  An attempt to provide information to people who want to know what’s happening “right now”.
Others will certainly present the counterpoint that with real time search, image results, news results, video results, book results, etc.  Real estate on the first page of Google is getting pretty  cluttered.

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