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Marketing Practicality LLC Recently Named a Google Partner

Google PartnerGoogle has been very active in 2013, making changes on both organic search and its paid search platform, Google AdWords.
The changes that Google implemented are, for the most part, based on improving quality and enhancing the user experience.  One such recent development is the introduction of Google’s new “Partner” program.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

Achieving Google Partner status is not designed to be easy and requires a combination of accomplishments. It takes advanced AdWords knowledge (Certifications), a track record of high-quality results (Best Practices), a healthy amount of activity (Spend) across your managed accounts, and a complete company profile.

  1. AdWords Certification – To become certified an individual must pass 2 exams (including one advanced exam). These exams have a 2 hour time limit. In order to pass the exam, you must meet Google’s exam criteria. These are challenging questions that would only be answered correctly by a knowledgeable person.
  2. Best Practices – Google scans the activity and performance of partners’ and partner candidates’ MCC (My Client Center) to ensure Partner’s maintain a high standard of performance when serving their clients.
  3. Account Activity – Google requires a certain amount of AdWords “spend” across the managed accounts.  The budget level helps validate a typical Google Partner as capable of managing high volumes of AdWords spend (coupled with a high level of performance).
  4. Company Profile – A complete profile provides transparency to both clients and potential clients. Google Partners a serious businesses interested in providing top quality service and maximizing client ROI.

How can you tell you are working with a Google Partner?

Google Partners are awarded a Partner badge to display on their websites (see above).  The badge represents a company that displays a high proficiency with Google products, focuses on client results and satisfaction, and has built and maintained a healthy business.

Marketing Practicality LLC Recognized as a Google Partner

Marketing Practicality LLC is proud to be named one of the first Google Partners in the area. It represents our ongoing commitment to our clients’ success, our own accountability to stay current with the latest in search engine marketing and our considerable efforts to grow with our clients.  As of 2015 Marketing Practicality chose not to maintain Google Partner status.

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