Small Business Website Help – Website Security Risks

Website Security Risks

OK – it’s 2010, are you considering your resolutions for your small business website? If you are looking for small business website help, one of the things near the top of your list should be website security risks.

Do You Backup Your Small Business Website?

No one wants another task added to their list, but regularly backing up your website can save a lot of headaches if your website gets hacked.  I have had several clients come to me because their search engine rankings dropped significantly, which often results in a drop in traffic to their small business’ website, which results in a loss of revenue.  Having a small business website can be your primary means of revenue so I strongly recommend your consider the website security risks associated with the responsibility of owning a website.

Blogs and Website Security Risks

WordPress can be a great help to your small business website.  It is an extremely robust and useful, open source blogging platform.  But with popularity comes a price.  WordPress blogs have several website security risks – hackers have automated the process.  In fact most clients that come to me for help with their small business website (after a major drop in rankings) – have had some sort of website security breach.
Here is a great article on best practices for managing a small business WordPress blog:
Triple “P” Of Total WordPress Security

Website Security Risks and Your Small Business Website Host

Have you checked with the company that hosts your small business website?  Do they regularly backup your website?  Are you comfortable that your website could be completely restored in the event of a malware problem?  If not, I recommend you check with them and don’t leave anything to chance.  Backing up your website yourself can save you a lot of hassle if your hosting company isn’t there for you when you need them (or you didn’t understand their policies… remember all that fine print?).

An Ounce of Prevention

It’s an old saying but good sayings get old for a reason.  So if you are looking for small business website help first consider your website security risks. Then move on to the fun stuff like SEO, Google AdWords and other small business marketing techniques.

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