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Web Marketing Ideas – Creating Valuable Content

This is the second article of a three part series on Successful Web Marketing and focuses on creating valuable content for your website visitors. Here are some web marketing ideas for creating valuable content.

Creating Valuable Content – Target Your Audience

Are you in touch with what your website visitors are looking for? There are ways to monitor this within your Analytics program, i.e. your website bounce rate, time spent on website, number of web pages visited, etc. But Google Analytics also provides a way to identify all the organic keywords your visitors used to visit your website. When you review these terms, are the keywords in line with how you view your website content?
If so that’s great – but even still, you can analyze these terms to find hidden gems for creating valuable content – especially the terms that carry a high bounce rate.
To target your audience – simply identify what your website visitors are already looking for when they come to your website, but appear to exit the website quickly. Then develop valuable content around the topics your website visitors are really looking for.
Additionally, creating valuable content that is related to your website and is routinely read by your visitors is great way to reinforce the strong areas of your website content.

Successful Web Marketing – Content that Gets Seen

So now you have some general ideas about why visitors come to your website and the search terms they use to find content on your website. So what specifically should you write about? When creating valuable content, the targets your audience and gets read, I recommend the following web marketing ideas:

  1. Target content based on search volume
  2. Be honest and open
  3. Provide real value

Web Marketing Idea #1 – Target Content for Search Terms

Before you sit down to write an article, use some of the readily available tools out there to refine your targeted search terms. The keyword selection strategy is an important part of creating valuable content. Identify specific keywords by typing your general terms into a tool like Google’s Keyword Tool. While not precise, it will help you narrow down terms that have search volume your website can effectively rank for. If your site is brand new or isn’t an authority in its niche – attempting to rank for a term with 500,000 searches per month is going to lead to disappointment.

Web Marketing Idea #2 – Develop Content Openly and Honestly

Your website visitors are taking valuable time to read your content. And most times, they can tell if your content is genuine or simply fluff.
So I recommend you communicate your message clearly, openly and honestly. My preference is only to develop original content based on my experience, content that I can stand behind and have personally witnessed in practice. I don’t scrape or steal content from other websites but if I see great website content that I can stand behind, I’ll cite it and provide a link to that website.
Simply put, be honest and transparent with your website content.

Web Marketing Idea #3 – Provide Real Value

Creating valuable content needs to add value. Once you draft website content – reread it and ask yourself if your website visitors make take away a few nuggets that will actually help them. For example, my tips to use Google Analytics and Google’s Keyword Tool to target your content will result in web pages that get read. Make sure you add value to your readers if you want to develop a website for the long term.

Successful Web Marketing – Creating Valuable Content

So that’s part 2 in the series of successful web marketing, which focuses on creating valuable content for your website visitors. The next article on web marketing ideas will focus on gaining visibility to your website and how the new online marketing is really a blend of the old and the new.
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