Improving Google AdWords ROI – Tip #1 – Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion for Google AdWords
In most cases, using dynamic keyword insertion will improve your Google AdWords click through rate.  And if your text ad creative, landing page, offer, etc. is well constructed and thought out – your AdWords ROI improve.
If you are not using dynamic keywords I strongly recommend you test them for your business’ Google AdWords campaign.
What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?
Dynamic keywords show the specific search term in your ad, providing it meets certain criteria.
For example, you have an ad in Google AdWords with a title like this:
“Buy Widgets”
Depending on your keyword match type, bid amount, geo targeting, etc. your ad would show if the searcher typed in “widgets”.
But what if you have many different widgets?  How do you target that?
Well, there are ways to do this within Google AdWords – but dynamic keyword insertion allows you to cover the various related search terms in your ads – and show those terms in bold face type – making your ad immediately appear more relevant and ideally suited for what the individual is searching for.
How To Create Dynamic Keyword Insertion
It’s simple, and can be used anywhere within the displayed text of your ad.
Instead of writing “widget” put {Keyword:Widgets} in it’s place.  The default word will be widgets, but if the search term meets Google AdWords parameters, the targeted search term will be shown.
And that sort of relevancy improves click through rates.

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