Google Caffeine and SEO for your Business

Google Caffeine and Small Business SEO
By now, most SEO’s are very familiar with Google’s new infrastructure update, referred to as Caffeine. The new infrastructure is expected to roll out after the 2009 holiday season.
Why Caffeine? Because of the way it indexes websites is like old Google jacked up on caffeine (and the old Google was already faster at indexing than the competing search engines).
As of this post, Caffeine results can be seen at this data center:  The Caffeine search results appear about 50% of the time so you may need to refresh your search if the results are the same as current Google.  Try a search by clicking on this link:
So What Does This Mean For Your Business’ SEO?
Well, your rankings may change.  Caffeine is not necessarily believed to be a change in the way Google ranks website pages, but it does enable Google to crawl more pages more quickly.  So if more competition enters the rankings, it may affect how your business ranks.
On the plus side, I have seen websites jump in rankings.
The websites that improved rankings with Caffeine were a result of changes or improvements to web pages I would have done if Caffeine was there or not.  But the indexing speed is currently incredible – hours, not days.
Optimizing your Small Business Website
No one will really know until everything goes live after the holidays, but your SEO should be working on your website rankings now and checking them in the Caffeine datacenter.

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