Improve Quality Score with Focused Ad Groups | Google AdWords Quality Score

Using Ad Groups to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

According to Google, quality score is a measure of relevance.  I’ll cover Google’s definition of quality score and a specific tactic to improve quality score.
Here is Google’s exact definition of quality score.
According to Google, quality score is influenced by:

  • Historical Click through Rate (CTR)
  • Historical CTR of the display urls in the ad group
  • Click through Rate of your account
  • Quality of your landing page
  • Keyword relevance to the Ad Group ads
  • Relevance of the keyword and ad to the search query
  • Ad Words account performance
  • Other AdWords relevance factors

So to improve your keyword quality score, those are the levers to pull.
There are several articles out there on ways to improve your AdWords quality score.  One of the simplest methods I know is to create highly targeted, focused Ad Groups. But in the end, you need to improve your click through rate – quality score is, in my opinion, a way for Google to optimize the ROI of their Ad Words revenue stream, but that is a separate topic.

How Ad Groups Can Improve Quality Score

If your AdWords keywords are experiencing low quality scores you are paying more money for the same placement. Here is an easy way to give your quality score a boost.

  1. Identify your AdWords keywords suffering from low quality scores
  2. Group those keywords into relevant clusters, for example
    1. Widget Keywords separate into clusters: Blue Widgets, Red Widgets and Yellow Widgets
  3. Create highly targeted Ad Groups for each cluster – 3 to 5 keywords per Ad Group
    1. Title the Ad Group with the targeted keyword
    2. Use relevant, focused keywords for your Ad Group
  4. Use the various keyword match types for each keyword
  5. Create ad versions using the targeted keyword theme for each Ad Group “cluster”
  6. Direct each ad version to a landing page
  7. Optimize the landing page for the targeted keyword for the Ad Group

More Ways to Improve Quality Score

There are many resources out there on improving your Google AdWords quality score.  Remember, your click through rate (CTR) is going to have a large impact on improving your Ad Words quality score so fundamental marketing principles come into play. Here are some other resources to help you improve the quality score of your AdWords keywords:
Improve Quality Score
And for the basics, here is a
Google AdWords Tutorial from Marketing Practicality
Finally, a great video explanation of the Google AdWords Quality Score directly from Google – as you watch it, consider ways to improve your AdWords quality score.

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