Website Design and Search Engine Optimization | Web Design and SEO for Small Business

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

SEO and web design are critical components of your company’s internet marketing – most small business should agree with that. So which is more important? Is one more critical than another? And does how does a small business best address website design and search engine optimization?
Well, yes and no.  First of all – I am a search engine optimizer, not a web designer. That should not surprise you if you are on my website (you found it and you are looking at it). But this is about growing your business, so where do you focus your efforts.  It is also geared towards marketing strategy – not a discussion about html validation, keyword density or the emotional influence of warm colors versus cool colors.

Web Design: If You Build It, They Won’t Come

In my experience, the typical business owner focuses on website design.  Website design is more qualitative and is therefore subject to being driven by the opinion of the viewer.  Many business owners make the mistake of focusing on website design because they can clearly deliver an opinion on it, whereas SEO requires technical knowledge. So unless the business owner understands SEO, it’s human nature to focus on website design. The problem is building a beautiful website means nothing if your target market can’t find it – and let’s face it, that means Google and high Google rankings requires SEO.

SEO for Small Business: One Piece of the Puzzle

Search engine optimization brings traffic to your website. SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to drive highly targeted traffic and prospective customers to your company’s website.  But website design can’t be ignored, driving traffic through an effective SEO campaign is critical, but if your website visitors bounce off your website because it is visually or graphically unappealing, then you have a bucket with a big hole in it.
Good website design will be visually appealing to your target market, provide intuitive and inviting navigation, convey your company’s brand or image, and support your company’s brand and strategy.
Website design and search engine optimization are both important to your internet marketing strategy.

Website Design and SEO Are Both Important…

But resources are limited so where do you focus you energy and money? This depends on your business goals.
In the early stages of a business you need a quality website with good design and layout.
Quality content is always important.
As you develop your content, involve an SEO consultant or do your search optimization in house.  Once you start developing quality content on a well optimized website your traffic will increase, the more you do this (while applying effective SEO practices) the more your traffic will increase.
Revisit your website design and search engine optimization frequently. Ask colleagues, customers and others for feedback – and review your website’s analytics so you understand what keywords are driving traffic and what improves bounce rates.

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