SalesForce Marketing | Best Practices for Improving Marketing with SalesForce

SalesForce Marketing

Using to Improve, Automate and Track Your Marketing

Would your business benefit from:
1.       More sales and higher conversion rates
2.       Optimizing your marketing budget
3.       Eliminating poor performing marketing campaigns
4.       Instant access to your marketing data
5.       The resources to deliver better marketing results
Well, if your organization uses as its CRM system, consider these 5 SalesForce marketing tips.

Drip Marketing

If you are not using drip marketing campaigns, you should consider doing so. When used effectively, drip marketing campaigns lift conversion rates and boost sales. In addition to bottom line benefits, you will establish a regular communication stream with your prospects.
Whether you choose SalesForce or another CRM marketing system, ongoing drip marketing communication boosts sales.
If your business runs SalesForce’s Enterprise edition or higher, then you have access to workflow automation. Workflow automation is a powerful SalesForce marketing tool and is the foundation for automating your marketing.
If you are interested in reducing costs and freeing up resources while improving sales and conversions – strongly consider using workflow automation to automate your marketing and sales processes.
Schedule follow up calls, send a series of emails based on prospect behavior, schedule tasks and more with this SalesForce marketing tool – you’ll love it and so will your sales team.

SalesForce for Google AdWords

If your business calls for paid search advertising you are likely using Google AdWords. Through an alliance between Google and SalesForce you have access to a powerful marketing tool.
SalesForce for Google AdWords provides the ability to tie in the front end advertising expense and performance to the back end sales and revenue data. This SalesForce marketing tool is the missing link in the chain between marketing performance and sales results. This allows your marketing department to calculate ROI, test more effectively and optimize your business’ marketing budget by eliminating poor performing campaigns and investing more in the winners.
If you are familiar with Google Analytics, SalesForce for Google AdWords operates in a similar manner – using a java script snippet and categorizing how a prospect came to your contact form (i.e. organic search, AdWords, web direct, etc.). If the lead came through Google AdWords, data is synched so you can identify the search term, ad version and more.  A powerful SalesForce marketing tool.

SalesForce Marketing Campaigns

In order to evolve your marketing efforts, you need to test different marketing strategies, tactics and channels. In order to evaluate your marketing efforts, you need to define the costs and the revenue (or marketing benefit) and quantify whether you should invest more or fewer marketing dollars, based on ROI.
SalesForce marketing campaigns allows your marketing department to automatically assign prospects to a marketing campaign and analyze cost, performance and ROI.
Consider this; you are hosting a webinar, your SalesForce marketing resource ensured:

  • Prospects sign up on your website and are automatically assigned to the webinar campaign
  • An email is automatically sent providing webinar details
  • Attendance details are tracked and synched with SalesForce
  • Revenue and ROI are calculated
  • Resources are diverted from underperforming webinars
  • Profitable webinars are expanded

SalesForce Marketing Reports

SalesForce offers a wide array of marketing and other reports. Plus, you can create custom reports – which also need not be limited to marketing.
However, if you are not doing so already, your management team should consider identifying your business’ KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators.  Once your top metrics are established you’ll find SalesForce has outstanding marketing reporting capabilities. These report s can also be summarized and displayed graphically on custom dashboards.

SalesForce Marketing Resources

If the concept of marketing automation, tracking and optimization appeals to you, the next question is how you acquire the resources to implement and manage this.
Basically there are three options:
1.       Do it yourself
2.       Hire a SalesForce Marketing Consultant
3.       Hire an employee skilled in SalesForce marketing
There are a number of SalesForce consultants out there, consider a consultant with marketing and sales background rather than a “techie”.
The SalesForce AppExchange is a good place to look for qualified service providers.
Marketing Practicality also provides CRM marketing solutions
If your business warrants it, you may also want to consider a full time SalesForce marketing resource.

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