Salesforce Mass Email Marketing

Salesforce Mass Email Options and Integration is an outstanding CRM platform and gives you the ability to send both mass emails as well as automated emails to individuals. If your organization uses Salesforce, you have the opportunity to create ongoing, automated drip marketing campaigns as well as distributing mass emails to your leads or prospects.
That sounds great, right? And it is. But once you get into the details you may notice a few potential issues with mass email and Salesforce marketing campaigns. Common issues that might impact your organization’s mass email strategy include:

  1. limits the amount of mass emails I send in a day.  Why can’t I send more than 1,000 emails per day?
  2. We already use a mass email program such as Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response.  Will that work with Salesforce?
  3. Can I connect my mass email solution to Salesforce?

Using Salesforce for Mass Email

One option is sending mass emails directly through Salesforce.  However, this may not always work with your mass email marketing strategy – here are some advantages and points to consider:

Salesforce  Mass Email Advantages

  • You are paying for Salesforce and mass email is part of the package – so no additional cost.
  • The mass email solution Salesforce supplies is native (within the application and fully compatible).
  • You can easily target and segment list based on campaigns you create within Salesforce.
  • Templates and Customization. Salesforce offers html, text and template options. You can also customize your email templates and personalize messages by inserting Salesforce fields.

Salesforce  Mass Email Considerations

  • The daily email limitation – your organization will be limited to 1,000 mass emails through Salesforce per day.  That includes one off emails that might be coming from your drip marketing campaigns or sales team communications.
  •  The email list limitation. Salesforce is not trying to enter the mass email market. Any mass email sent from your organization will be limited to 250 emails per send. Individual mass email limits are dependent on your Salesforce version – Professional and below are limited to 250 per mass email. Enterprise edition can send 500. Unlimited edition subscribers can send a batch of 1,000 mass emails.
  • Email Sender.  This is a concern when companies send mass emails from a generic email such as info@, sales@ etc.  Salesforce requires the email is sent from the address from the user name’s email.

Salesforce Mass Email Options

If your organization is currently using and/or engaged with a third party bulk email marketing solution or you are seeking a mass email application that offers more flexibility than the native Salesforce mass email marketing option, you have several choices.
Your best resources can be found through the Salesforce AppExchange.  But to make it easier here are some of the most popular third party mass email services that integrate with Salesforce:

In a future post I’ll write a review about each option. All have their advantages and disadvantages. The key is identifying the best Salesforce mass email marketing option for your organization’s needs – that typically involves pricing and functionality. Then you’ll want to customize Salesforce on the back end to best suit the needs of your company and employees.

Salesforce Mass Email Integration

Integration of your mass email solution with Salesforce will provide your Sales team to quickly see which email a lead or contact received as well as more detailed data.
You will want to consider if your mass email solution operates outside of Salesforce or if the mass email application is native to Salesforce.
The primary difference here is one mass email option will require your sales team to create and send mass emails through the 3rd party application, such as Constant Contact. Mass email applications that operate native can be created and sent within Salesforce.  Easy to use application typically result in higher adoption rates.
Salesforce mass email integration will be easily accomplished by your Salesforce administrator or a qualified Salesforce marketing consultant.

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