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Marketing Practicality LLC Recently Named a Google Partner

Google has been very active in 2013, making changes on both organic search and its paid search platform, Google AdWords. The changes that Google implemented are, for the most part, based on improving quality and enhancing the user experience.  One such recent development is the introduction of Google’s new “Partner” program. What does it mean […]


Google AdWords Training | Modified Broad Match – The New AdWords Keyword Match Type

Google AdWords Training: What is Modified Broad Match? Google AdWords recently introduced a new keyword match option called Modified Broad Match. At a high level, modified broad match fills in the gap between phrase match and broad match. Which is great news, especially for companies using Google AdWords in highly competitive spaces. So let’s begin […]


Improve Quality Score with Focused Ad Groups | Google AdWords Quality Score

Using Ad Groups to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score According to Google, quality score is a measure of relevance.  I’ll cover Google’s definition of quality score and a specific tactic to improve quality score. Here is Google’s exact definition of quality score. According to Google, quality score is influenced by: Historical Click through Rate (CTR) […]


Google AdWords – Showing Image Ads on the AdWords Search Network

Image Ads for Google AdWords Google AdWords has allowed image ads (display ads) on its content network for some time now.  But you may have noticed image ads ocassionally showing on Google AdWords search network. So what is this all about and more importantly, how can you start showing images ads within your own search […]


Improving Google AdWords ROI – Tip #2 – Search Query Reports

Search Query Reports and Google AdWords Google AdWords includes some powerful tools to improve your campaign ROI, but many people rarely, if ever, take advantage of these free and readily available options. If you are new to pay per click marketing – why not take a moment to review our AdWords Tutorial. Search Query Reports […]


Improving Google AdWords ROI – Tip #1 – Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion for Google AdWords In most cases, using dynamic keyword insertion will improve your Google AdWords click through rate.  And if your text ad creative, landing page, offer, etc. is well constructed and thought out – your AdWords ROI improve. If you are not using dynamic keywords I strongly recommend you test them […]